What A Difference A Year Makes

First day of kindergarten, August 2010.

Last day of kindergarten, June 2011.

Also, this:

Someone had a great year.

Happy last day of kindergarten, Avi. Enjoy the dress down day, the after-school pizza party, the playground celebration at the Farmhouse. Enjoy hugging your teacher goodbye in that unabashed way only little kids have. Enjoy your first summer at day camp. Enjoy reading on your own, picking out your own books, reading out loud to us. Enjoy ballet. Enjoy hockey. Enjoy life.

We love you muchly.


4 thoughts on “What A Difference A Year Makes

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  2. I love the contrast of these pics.

    He looks sincerely anxious & worried in the first.

    In the 2nd he relaxed and confident.

    In #3 he is all but shouting “I totally own this shit people!”

    Amazing the difference a year can make :-)

    Happy summer vacay Avi!

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