On Leaving The Past Behind

I’ve had a journal, diary, notebook, blog, secret-folder-on-the-computer or whatever you want to call it since I was about 7 years old. I still have a fairly hefty box of old journals from junior high and high school in my home office, although they’re so painful to read even 15 years later that I haven’t actually done so in quite some time.

From 2002 to 2006 I kept two online journals, stubbornly refusing to use the word “blog”. Many of those posts are now retired from the public view, not because they are excitingly controversial in any way but more because the treacly mediocrity is actually tangible. I wouldn’t want it fogging up your computer screen.

I did go ahead and move a chunk of entries (no comments, though) from 2004-2006 and a spattering of notes from 2009 over here into the archives for posterity. Many of these are relevant just as an introduction to Avi as an idea, then a tadpole, then a baby and now a real, actual person who talks and walks and stuff. Crazy, that.

Posts from before Avi’s birth are labeled “leave the past behind,” which is just a different way of saying what my own parents used: B.K. They’d tell a great story about something fun they did or place they visited and we’d ask when that happened. “B.K.,” my dad would answer, “Before kids.”

Kids. They really do change everything.

So let’s let the past be the past, behind us. And I guess that makes Avi the future.

Cue the song.


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